URC Youth Executive

The role of the Youth Executive is to provide youth representation throughout and outside of the URC and to carry out the work of the URC Youth Assembly.  It usually meets four times throughout the year.

This will include assisting in the planning of Assembly-level URC Youth events, carrying out the work of the URC Youth Assembly passed by resolution, and ensuring any necessary work to support the URC Youth structures is completed.

The Youth Executive consists of three elected posts (Moderator, Moderator-Elect and General Assembly and Mission Council Representative) representatives of the 13 Synods, and co-opted members.


Moderator- Hannah Jones

Moderators-Elect- Katie Henderson and Natalie Gibbs

Communications- Aaron Wood

Youth Executive Secretary- Reuben Watt

Youth Assembly Clerk- Sam Brown

Equality & Diversity Representative- Katherine Buckland

General Assembly and Mission Council Representative- Jake Convery

Pilots Representative- Sam Lord

Synod Representatives:

Northern Alison Greaves
North Western Rebekah Radcliffe
Mersey Anna Spencer
Yorkshire Sarah Kissack
East Midlands Georgina Neale
West Midlands Lauren Dempster-Edwards
Eastern Aaron Wood
South Western Amy Weston
Wessex Alice Hoyle
Thames North Tom Howells
Southern Reuben Watt
National Synod of Wales Joanna Harris
National Synod of Scotland Joshua Undy-Jamison

Past Moderators:

2017-18 Dan Morrell

2016-17 Sandy Nunn

2015-16 Andrew Weston

2014-15 Matthew Barkley

2013-14 Rebecca Whiffen

2012-13 Jane & Gary Leighton

2011-12 Victoria Paulding

2010-11 David Harvey

2009-10 Josh Thomas

2008-09 James Wickens

2007-08 Andy Littlejohns

Prior to 2007, the position was referred to as Chair

2006-07 Isobel Simmons

2005-06 Gareth Jones

2004-05 Amanda Hobbs (née Wade)

2003-04 Rosemary Simmons and Gareth Marshall-Jones

2002-03 Emma Pugh

2001-02 Emma Gough (née Hartwell)

2000-01 Huw Morrison

1999-00 Neil Platt

1998-99 Georgette Franklin (née Margrett)

1997-98 Jenny Downing (née Hale)

1996-97 James Horton

1995-96 John Dryburgh

1994-95 Andy Jackson

1993-94 Paul Ashworth

1992-93 Pamela Leon (née Harvey)

Prior to 1992, the position was referred to as Chairman

1991-92 David Leon

1990-91 Alan Hughes

1989-90 Fran Kissack

1988-89 Jonathon Slow

1987-88 Heather Black (née Davies)

1986-87 Howard Taylor

1985-86 Craig Bowman

1984-85 Graham Sweeney

1983-84 Viv Barthram (née Ross)

1982-83 John Hardaker

1981-82 Jon Taylor

1980-81 Stephen Brown

1979-80 Alison Mills (née Pagan)

1978-79 Chris Brann

1977-78 Susan Flatman (née Stevenson)

1976-77 Brian Acty

1975-76 Phil Baker

1974-75 Mark Williams

1973-74 David Peel