URC Youth Structures and Guidelines

Document 1: URC Youth Handbook

This is where the structures and guidelines are contained – the meat of what the URC Youth is and how it operates – which will be owned by the URC Youth Assembly. FAB scrutinised the Handbook extensively and unanimously agreed to adopt it in its entirety, acting on behalf of the Youth Assembly, at its September meeting of 2015. It was agreed on the understanding that the November Mission Council and Youth Assembly 2016 will be informed of the newly adopted structures and guidelines, and it will be up to Youth Assembly from 2017 onwards to propose or agree any subsequent changes to the Handbook.

Document 2: URC Youth Framework

This is the top line guide which will act as a guide to the Youth Assembly and Youth Executive as to what is within their remit and authority. It’ll be owned by the Children’s and Youth Work Committee, to whom the Youth Assembly and Youth Executive are accountable. It’s also this Committee which is tasked by the General Assembly to be responsible for all things Children’s and Youth in the URC, hence the fact the Framework is owned by them.