Youth Assembly 2016

Youth Assembly 2016

Bookings are now open!

We’re so excited to share the first details of January’s Youth Assembly with you all!

It’ll be a chance for the young people of the United Reformed Church to share together in community for a weekend of focussing on Jesus. We’ll be exploring what it means to do life together as a church, and to consider some of the issues the URC, UK and wider world are facing today.

Those who haven’t been along before might be wondering what that will look like. Well, you can expect around 150 people to be gathered to talk and discuss, learn and reflect, think and put into action. Gathering at Whitemoor Lakes, Alweras, is just the start – it’s all about being inspired to go back to our local communities all around the UK. Worship and workshops, discipleship and decision making; moments of seriousness, silliness and the sublime… we like to pack it all in.

This isn’t a weekend of instruction; it’s a weekend of participation where everybody – whatever their background – has a story tell and a voice we want to hear, in whatever way they feel comfortable being heard. Whether you’re the talkative one or the quiet one (or maybe a bit of both, or indeed neither), there’ll be space for you to be you. You can read a bit more on what we got up to at Youth Assembly 2015 here, if you fancy it.

Our theme for 2016 will be Roots and Foundations: Growing in Faith. I’m looking forward to all that we’ll do thinking about where we’ve come from, and where it is we might be going. Both as a church all together and in our individual lives, our past and future are central to who we are today. A brilliant keynote speaker, creative space and all of our worship and workshops will help us to unpack the theme. You might have picked up on last year’s theme – Treasures – whether at Youth Assembly or somewhere else that it’s been used. Youth Assembly marks the start of a new year’s theme and we love seeing how the themes develop over the course of each year.

So what are you waiting for? Get booked on early to take advantage of the early bird discount! For the first time ever, you can now book online over here at Make sure you invite all your friends!

If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heather at the office; her email address is You can always reach us on Facebook and Twitter as well! If you’re new to all this, or funding is an issue, we’d definitely recommend that you also speak to your Synod as a first port of call (the regional bodies of the URC – who each commit to paying for people to come along to Youth Assembly). 

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