What Do You Think? and General Assembly 2014

This week you’ll be hearing a lot through our Facebook and Twitter pages about General Assembly and What Do You Think? so we thought we’d let you know what these events are, and why they matter to the young people of the URC.

The URC Basis of Union states that the General Assembly, ‘shall embody the unity of the United Reformed Church and act as the central organ of its life and the final authority, under the Word of God and the promised guidance of the Holy Spirit, in all matters of doctrine and order and in all other concerns of its common life’. In short the General Assembly is a meeting, held every two years, which makes decisions concerning the whole work of the URC. There are around 300 people who will be there, including around 30 under-26 representatives (approximately 2 per synod and three specific FURY Representatives). You can find out more about the business of this year’s General Assembly here. Most of the Assembly’s time is taken up with with the business of the Church, but there is also time for worship and Bible study, and a few other formalities.

What Do You Think? is the event held before the start of General Assembly for all the under 26 representatives. We’ll be spending time getting to grips with the issues to be discussed and decided upon during General Assembly, as well as learning about how the business is conducted and how we can contribute during the debates.

For those not coming along, you’ll be able to see what’s going on via our social media pages, watch General Assembly as it happens via the live stream and also follow the updates from the URC Communications Team Facebook Page. If you want to get in touch while we’re there, head to the Contact Us page – we’d love to hear from you – or get involved on Twitter via #URCGA2014. Finally, we will be sharing some of our reflections on What Do You Think? and General Assembly through the blog, so watch this space!

We ask that you would join us in praying for all those attending What Do You Think? and General Assembly:
– that our preparations, both individual and collective, will provide us with clear understanding of the business which is being considered
– for courage to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit as we meet
– that we might be blessed with faithfulness as we seek to walk ever closer with our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, during this week and beyond

Many thanks,
Matthew and Andrew

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