Well hello there! This is a very familiar sight (and site, pardon the pun) to me, as I’ve uploaded many a blog onto the website under the alias of Andrew or Sandy on their behalf. However I’ve never written one, so here goes…

I suppose I’d better introduce myself, I’m Dan Morrell. Many of you will have already known me as the FURY Online Publications Coordinator. But that hat has now been passed onto somewhere else, and I have myself a new hat, United Reformed Church Youth Assembly Moderator-Elect hat (it’s a long hat, I know).

My first attempt at being a pilot...
My first attempt at being a pilot…

I’m 19-years-old and was born and bred in South Manchester. I’m currently living and studying at the University of Leeds. I’m in my 1st year of studying Aviation Technology with Pilot Studies, this basically is a long title for just: “Planes n’ stuff”. I hope, in the future, to qualify as a commercial airline pilot. In my spare time, I am a football referee, ultimate Frisbee player, guitarist and vocalist (to an extent…).

It’s been an absolute privilege to serve on FURY Advisory Board for the past 2 years, and, after being elected at Youth Assembly 2016; I’m looking forward to serving on the all-new URC Youth Executive as Moderator-Elect, and then Moderator.

These last 2 years have been a period of great change and transition for (what was) FURY, Youth Assembly 2016 marked the start of a new era for URC Youth. But whilst names change, structures are rewritten, roles are swapped and standing orders are revised, the core values continue on through, completely unchanged: The URC Youth is a welcoming community of young people playing an active part in God’s church. We seek to discover Christ and strive to follow in his footsteps as closely as we can and, through our lives, to reflect God’s love to all people.

I’m thoroughly excited for what’s in store for us all over the next year: In 6 months, 26 Synod Representatives, along with myself, Sandy and Stephen Ball (GA rep) will make our way to Southport for the 2016 General Assembly of the URC. We’ll also be gathering beforehand for ‘What Do You Think?’, a thoroughly worthwhile preparation meeting for all the Under-26 reps to discuss the business agenda of the General Assembly. This is a fantastic opportunity to have a say in the life of the URC. There’s also lots of planning to be done for #URCYA17, oh yeah, about that… what a weekend Youth Assembly 2016 was?!….

DSC_4245 (1)
Opening worship was fantastic! No chairs, no tables, just us, and God… The Heart of Worship (our opening song) reminded us of the core values and roots of worship. That when it’s all stripped away, it’s all about Jesus.

…A fantastic gathering of 150 young people under one roof, although let’s face it, the roof was practically gone after worship, how incredible! Everyone sung their hearts out with the band, brilliantly directed by Phil Richardson, well done to all involved! All were praising God with all their hearts, a massive thanks has to go to Josh Thomas for leading worship throughout the weekend, and to Revd. Nigel Uden for his brilliant keynote speeches. Although not managing to attend them all, I’ve heard positive feedback from ALL the workshops, and so have to thank all the seminar and workshop leaders for their hard work in preparation and delivery. There are so many more people to thank, you know who you are! There’s plenty of work for URC

DSC_4313 (1)
I’m grateful to my good friend Revd. Nigel Uden for coming to deliver our keynotes throughout the weekend. He was brilliant!

Youth Executive to be doing too for the next year as we seek to carry out the work dictated by the resolutions passed, as well as continue to hold discussions about important topics like the Environmental Policy and 20s-40s involvement in the URC, to name but two. As we continue to ride the wave of inspiration, spiritual nourishment and joy, let us not be disheartened that the weekend is over. But instead let’s continue to go out spread the gospel, DSC_4347not forgetting to plant seeds along the way of hope, peace and love. Helping to build God’s Kingdom here on earth, from our very own Roots and Foundations.

God bless,



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