I’m sure this is likely to be one word which crops up in conversation when people ask us “so how was #URCYA16?” (Perhaps without the hashtag!).  It’s certainly been at the top of my vocabulary list! Of course that’s not been my only go to word to describe it; enjoyable has been used just as much (probably more!) and I hope it will have been used by everyone who spent this last weekend together at Whitemoor Lakes.
Naturally, I had a different perspective of last weekend to most (maybe that’s why tired was my go- to word …!) After setting up on the Friday, Youth Assembly whizzed past in a colourful blur of emotion of that I wouldn’t have changed for the world! For all the emphasis I’m putting on how tiring the weekend was (shout out to the person snoring in the next room!) there was a definite sense of God’s presence moving among Assembly in all that we did together in Christ. When asked what the highlight of my weekend was, I genuinely couldn’t decide. I enjoyed every moment of it from the thought-provoking Worship and Keynotes, to the [sometimes] more challenging moments of business. For someone who doesn’t normally take communion because of my diet, Jenny Mills’ service was fantastic and confidently welcomed all to The Lord’s table.
YA16 Communion
I can, however say that the one thing that made the weekend worthwhile was seeing Assembly smile in every part of the weekend. Workshops – people were smiling, breaks – people were smiling, even business people were smiling; and let’s not forget that completely outrageous mock motion! Joking aside the entire weekend has kickstarted the year and theme: Roots and Foundations, on a high note. It has prepared me and, I pray, the newly inducted Moderator Elect, Dan Morrell, and the newly formed URC Youth Executive for the year ahead. With God’s grace, love and strength, along with your prayers, we’ll represent the URC Youth in the various councils of the Church and beyond as best we can.

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