We get told to eat it loads, apparently up to five a day. We can include vegetables in that count, but I think this blog would somehow lose its path if I began talking about vegetables of the spirit… The New Testament tells us about the nine fruits of the spirit: “ 22 But the fruit of […]

The Year Ahead

So Youth Assembly is concluded for another year! I don’t know about anyone else, but the weekend was something of a blur – a brilliant, fun, inspiring blur, but a blur all the same. I’m going to open by thanking all those who came, whether to participate in the Assembly or as a guest of […]

Structures and Guidelines

Following the Children’s and Youth Work department restructure, the URC Children’s and Youth Work Committee has taken this opportunity to review the FURY structures and guidelines. A working group, consulting at length with the Committee and FURY Advisory Board, has prepared the URC Youth Handbook which sets out in as much detail as possible proposed new […]