March FAB Meeting

This weekend, FURY Advisory Board (FAB) met for the first of four meetings for the year to begin our work and to grow together as a group. There’s lots I could share, so I’m going to focus on our individual walks with God and our development as a group who work together in representing the […]


  ‘Podcast?!’, we hear you say? We know, rather ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ in the world of modern technology. A couple of weeks back we paid a visit to the United Reformed Church House to meet all the brilliant people who support our church by working at URC HQ. Whilst we were there, we were interviewed by Eve Parker […]

Meet the Moderators!

The FURY Moderators are elected by the URC Youth Assembly to lead the FURY Advisory Board in its work and to provide a representative voice for the young people of the URC. In this blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit, so here goes! Andrew Weston: FURY Moderator I’m Andrew, I live in […]