Picture this…

Picture this… a woman in a hijab travelling on the tube, walking along Westminster Bridge, through Parliament Square today. What kind of looks do you think she’s getting? What kind of welcome will she receive when she walks into work, boards the tube, or crosses the square? The very fact that the picture at the […]

Easter – What’s Your Response?

Lent is over! Well done to those of you who have resisted temptation! Easter has also come and gone, Jesus has risen to life again! Now that Easter is over, what happens next? As the Easter Sunday service ends, our hearts full of joy as we remember Christs triumph over death, we return back to normal the next […]


We get told to eat it loads, apparently up to five a day. We can include vegetables in that count, but I think this blog would somehow lose its path if I began talking about vegetables of the spirit… The New Testament tells us about the nine fruits of the spirit: “ 22 But the fruit of […]


Well hello there! This is a very familiar sight (and site, pardon the pun) to me, as I’ve uploaded many a blog onto the website under the alias of Andrew or Sandy on their behalf. However I’ve never written one, so here goes… I suppose I’d better introduce myself, I’m Dan Morrell. Many of you […]

The URC Youth

Since the proposed Structures and Guidelines were presented at Youth Assembly 2015, having been carefully worked upon by both FURY Advisory Board and the Children’s and Youth Work Committee even at that point, much work has been undertaken. The working group has heard the contributions made by FURY Advisory Board, the Children’s and Youth Work […]

Reform Offer

I’ve recently been contacted by Steve Tomkins, editor of the Reform magazine, with an offer that will probably be irresistible for all you students out there… If you’ve not heard of it, Reform is a magazine which draws together all sorts of Christian thinking on all sorts of issues – it’s published ten times a […]

Pilots On Safari Roundup

On Saturday 16th May, 1500 people from all across the URC and beyond gathered at West Midlands Safari Park for an incredible time at Pilots on Safari. You can read more about the day over at assemblymoderators.urc.org.uk. Here are a few photos telling the story of my day, though!

Consensus Mindset

This last weekend saw a meeting of the URC Mission Council take place in Swanwick. All sorts of things were discussed from what it means to belong to our church, to the marriage of same sex couples in our churches. We spent time delving into Romans 12, and reflecting some more on what it means […]

Exam Stress

So, April is drawing to a close and that can only mean one thing: exam season must be nearly upon us. It might be GCSEs, A Levels, Highers, Undergraduate, Postgraduate… the list goes on. Whether you’re an early hard worker or a last minute crammer, completely focussed or a professional procrastinator, exam time can be hugely […]