Dear diary…

Part of the reason for the recent lack of blog activity is because I was waiting for the end of a string of events to report on them all in one blog! Partway through the string I realised that it goes on until about mid-October! So I’ve cut the string in half and am now […]

A romantic weekend by the sea…

Tomorrow Sandy and I will be off to the seaside for nearly a week, we’ll be staying in a hotel, it has a pool, we’ll eat fish and chips, sit in a theatre… Oh, sorry, I should also mention that 30 other young people will be doing the same! Sadly for Sandy and I it won’t […]

A Visit Of Contrasts

For the first time ever, we’re undertaking a Moderators’ Blog Swap with the Moderators of the URC General Assembly. Read on to hear about John’s incredible recent trip to various countries in Africa! Preaching in St Matthew’s Church in Lusaka, Zambia, was memorable; the contrasts with the average URC gave pause for thought. It was […]

What Do You Think? and General Assembly 2014

This week you’ll be hearing a lot through our Facebook and Twitter pages about General Assembly and What Do You Think? so we thought we’d let you know what these events are, and why they matter to the young people of the URC. The URC Basis of Union states that the General Assembly, ‘shall embody the […]