Visiting The National Synod Of Scotland

Synod of Scotland 

This weekend I travelled up to stay in a castle, eat Haggis, drink irn-bru and hear bagpipes play… I wasn’t disappointed by my weekend visit to the National Synod of Scotland

A selfie with the young adult forum participants

It was a lot of fun to share in leading the Young Adult Forum, which happened while the Synod meeting took place, alongside fellow Christian Aid Collective interns Kaye and Tom. We spent a lot of our weekend exploring how interlinked gender and poverty are. We also managed to get outside to explore a bit of Scottish countryside! A personal highlight from a busy programme was getting to know the young people who were part of the Young Adult Forum – as well as other members of Synod.

Side note: later this week, applications to be next year’s Joint Commitment for Life/Christian Aid Collective Intern will close so if you’ve got a heart for justice, young people and working with URCs then you should definitely check it out (and contact Tom if you have any questions)!

Back in the Synod meeting, the theme for the weekend was ‘Treasures’. Sound familiar? I had the opportunity to share a glimpse of how we had explored the same theme almost two months ago at Youth Assembly. Our greatest treasure is, of course, our wonderful God, whose greatest gift to us is, of course, Jesus. It’s no wonder that the people around us are such treasures – God has blessed us all with so much that we can bring and offer to those around us. We spent a lot of Youth Assembly unpacking how we are all treasures, and that we are all blessed with gifts from God which we can share with others.

There was also something of a more intangible treasure which I shared from Youth Assembly. In our time together, there was that inescapable feeling that something was happening: exciting discussions, ideas being bounced around, change in the air. And I’m not talking about a coffee-fuelled, sugar-binge, short term, hyper kind of feeling. No – what we saw was the stirring of hearts as God moved amongst us, the action which is our natural response to God’s lavish love; action which is somehow natural even when it isn’t comfortable, easy or logical.

So my question to those of us at Youth Assembly is this: how have we responded since that wonderful time together? How are we seeing God move in our day to day lives? And how are we serving God in our local churches and communities?

I’ll end by thanking everybody at Synod again for welcoming me so warmly – I hope our paths will cross again one day soon.

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