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I’ve recently been contacted by Steve Tomkins, editor of the Reform magazine, with an offer that will probably be irresistible for all you students out there…

If you’ve not heard of it, Reform is a magazine which draws together all sorts of Christian thinking on all sorts of issues – it’s published ten times a year by the United Reformed Church.

I asked Steve why he wanted to put on a deal for students. Here’s what he had to say:

Reform is a vital way for young people to engage with issues of faith and action in today’s world, from sexuality to veganism, and from fracking to prayer. The magazine is a forum for debate, and learning from different perspectives, so we want to include more young people to make it a better conversation.

If (like me) you’re also wondering what Steve’s favourite flavour of ice cream is, I’ve got the answer to that too – it’s hazelnut. Apparently, hazelnut is a new favourite so I’m going to claim that we’ve got the exclusive scoop on his choice (sorry not sorry for that dreadful pun!)

Digital Reform Is HereSo, how can you get your hands on the half-price digital Reform offer for students?

The answer is that you can can subscribe using the special offer code ‘STUDY50’, here. The reduced price is £9 for a year’s subscription and for that you’ll get:

  • a year’s subscription (ten issues) to Reform, including Digest
  • bonus media content in each issue, such as video, audio and image galleries
  • free access to digital back issues going back to February 2013

So what are you waiting for? You can tweet Steve to thank him for the offer @Reform_Mag too!

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