Meet the Moderators!

The FURY Moderators are elected by the URC Youth Assembly to lead the FURY Advisory Board in its work and to provide a representative voice for the young people of the URC. In this blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit, so here goes!

Andrew Weston: FURY Moderator10888415_10152516552039599_6835878339049749367_n

I’m Andrew, I live in South London, and day-to-day work as the Christian Aid Collective Digital & Events Intern. I’m quite new to being a Londoner, though – I recently graduated from the University of Southampton having spent a fantastic three years studying there for my undergraduate Law degree. I was brought up belonging to the URC, and have been a member at Park URC in Reading for several years; I’m now a part of the fellowship at Herne Hill United Church. I’ve been involved with the URC Youth for quite a while now, with various things at a Synod and Assembly as well as local level over the years, and so it’s a huge privilege to be serving as FURY Moderator Elect.

When I’m not working I love getting into the great outdoors, whether it’s out on my road bike, off on a walk or relaxing on the beach. I also love being on the road, whether it’s around the UK or further afield (I’ve got various bits of Europe, China, Thailand, Zambia, South Africa and Ethiopia under my belt so far and looking forward to expanding this list as much as I can!).

The year ahead of us is an exciting one. I’m looking forward to all the different people I’ll meet, the stories we’ll share, and the journeys I’ll make along the way. Six months ago, I mentioned a couple of the key questions that I was, and am, passionate about:

How do we as the URC, at an Assembly, synod and local church level, disciple all of the young people in a way that both supports and stimulates in their journey with Jesus, but also that leads to an equipping for mission in both evangelism and social action? The second was more broad: how do we as the URC change our attitude from managing decline to growing the church and Kingdom?

My prayer for the year is this: that we would know the love of God, keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It’s gonna be a cracker!

10689909_10205019700360776_1090728309861001579_nSandy (Alex) Nunn: FURY Moderator-Elect

I’m Sandy (AKA Alex), I live in Shanklin as part of the overseas division of the URC on the Isle of Wight (this is not an official title!). I am currently in the middle of my fourth and final year of TLS (Training for Learning and Service), the URC’s lay training course, focusing on prayer for the year. I am URC born and bred, I worshipped at Fareham URC for a number of years where I became a member and subsequently was ordained as an Elder at 17, before moving to Shanklin. I am now currently working as a supervisor for Shoe Zone.

In the grand scheme of things I’m newer to the URC Youth than Andrew is with about four years under my belt, but have been involved with the Wessex Synod Youth Exec for that time holding several roles with them. This is my first role on FURY Advisory Board, but have been going to Youth Assembly for four years and General Assembly in 2012 and 2014.

My free time will often consist of playing football manager or being a bit of a nerd on my computer. However I enjoy watching sports, like football and American football of which I am a Manchester City and Philadelphia Eagles fan respectively, as well as watching the Isle of Wight ice hockey team, the Wightlink Raiders. Similarly to Andrew I have an ambition to see more of the world, with Europe and America on my radar after visiting Italy, Spain, France, New Jersey and Florida as well as having been to places like Egypt, Africa, Tenerife and Lanzarote.

In my time as Moderator-Elect and next year as Moderator I aim to encourage inter-Synod youth work to become more frequent in order to allow us to share our gifts and treasures from God across borders, furthering our individual walk with God as a collective body of young people in the URC. I hope this will allow us as the URC Youth to continue asking the question that our previous Moderator Matt Barkley brought to light: where do the young people of the church sit within the denomination, and where is it the ‘adults’ want them to sit.

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