March FAB Meeting

This weekend, FURY Advisory Board (FAB) met for the first of four meetings for the year to begin our work and to grow together as a group. There’s lots I could share, so I’m going to focus on our individual walks with God and our development as a group who work together in representing the children and young people of the United Reformed Church.

20150313_205728Our worship connected to our growth together as we brought to God our gifts and treasures. We started looking at where we each of us has come from, pinpointing on the foam map from Youth Assembly where home is to each of us. There will be more being added to the map so who knows where it will end up! As we progressed through the weekend we began to think of how our individual treasures come from God and how He has called us together to use them. We looked at how Samuel was called by God, thinking about how we must listen to God’s calling to us and consider why we are here. We also looked at Saul’s conversion to Paul on the road to Damascus and were reminded that God can use us in ways we might not even begin to think!

We had several opportunities to do a bit of team building, including a session led by our CYDO Trainer, the fab (get it?) Mr. Philip Ray! This was very insightful, especially for me as a new member, as to how this gathered group can work well together, including what we can expect from each other’s roles and what we can give ourselves. We did, however, find that the six guys present this weekend cannot collectively lower a cane without a single person’s fingers losing contact! Suffice to say there was an eagerness to put this right…
Eventually we did move on to begin work on a self portrait of FAB. At this point, I was wandering what on earth Phil was thinking (perhaps I was too hasty to call him fab) but this was a clever way of looking at what each of us individually brought to FAB. We subsequently painted a ship with individual roles representing our skillsets and characteristics. Each and every person is essential in the effective working of a boat – can you guess who is who in the picture?


We definitely met with God this weekend. From a personal point of view I’m very excited to see FAB grow together and how this will be evident in all the work we do. We are truly blessed to be working together; it’s a privilege to be representatives of the URC Youth.

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