Less than two weeks!

That’s right, in less than two weeks time Youth Assembly will be upon us. The Moderators, FURY Advisory Board and the Children’s and Youth Work Office are busy putting the finishing touches to the weekend, resolutions are coming in and there’s an all round buzz building up to one of the most

As much as I feel like I’ve hyped Youth Assembly up like I do Christmas, there is definitely some excitement to be shared as we prepare to travel to Whitemoor Lakes on the 22nd January. Naturally I’m most excited about seeing friends old and new and having a much  needed proper catch up, but I’m also looking forward to the business of Youth Assembly.

… No, really …

Having seen the incoming resolutions and discussion items being put to the Assembly, I’m genuinely eagerly awaiting to see how Youth Assembly seeks the mind of Christ on so many important and interesting topics! Without ruining the surprise, those attending YA will be discussing matters that make a difference to them, the URC Youth as a body and the URC in general – how we as URC Youth fit in and the way we work together with ‘the wrinklies’. (My email is going to be even busier with complaints from ‘the wrinklies’ now!)

Of course there’s also our issue based seminars where we’ll be grappling with real, meaningful topics that affect us in society and the world. Even the late night programme is brimming with awesomeness! Shout out to Talking With The World on Saturday evening, the URC Youth perspective keeps getting bigger! Not forgetting that your small groups are a chance to mull over, digest and pick apart the keynotes from the FAB (see what I did there) Nigel Uden. We really do treat you guys …

Naturally to complement the keynotes and ground Assembly we have our worship led by former moderator and Westminster College student; Josh Thomas (said in the voice of the X-Factor announcer guy, you know who I mean ….)

On that note don’t forget to send your workshop forms in, the sooner the better chance you have of getting into the seminars and workshops you really want to do! You’re gradually running out of time! If you’re one of those strange, organised people and have already sent your form in then start getting to think about what you’re looking forward to most, what God’s saying to you for the weekend and beyond and generally get excited for the end of January!

See you all in less than two weeks!

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