Introductory Blog

Welcome to this FURY Moderators’ Blog! This is something of a new venture for us, which we’re going to use on a monthly basis to share some of the things that we as your FURY Moderators are doing, and our thoughts along the way.

It would be great to hear your response as we go and we’re really hopeful that the blog will be interesting, relevant and thought provoking. However, in making any comments please be aware that all comments will require approval and that the moderators’ discretion will be absolute. If you’d rather get in touch directly with either of us, please do head along to the Contact Us section of the website.

It would be great to see the following Guidelines for Good Conversation being followed in any discussions in the comments:

  1. Respect one another’s integrity and identity when you listen to their viewpoints
  2. Be careful when you describe or retell viewpoints with which you disagree
  3. Be careful which words and phrases you use to describe someone else’s viewpoint, avoid the use of hurtful words
  4. Avoid generalising too much; try to be as specific as possible
  5. Try to put yourself in each other’s shoes as that you understand the background and experiences that have brought the other to believe what they believe
  6. Be careful not to hurt or insult each other and do not take another’s viewpoint as a personal attack against you. If we hurt each other it can quickly close down a conversation
  7. Listen thoughtfully and patiently to what another is saying before you make a response
  8. Be open to changing your own beliefs and views, and be patient with others so that they have time to work through their own changing thought processes
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  10. Even if we believe that others are wrong, or their views are wrong, it is not our views that make us the people we are. Our identity as Christian people has its foundations in our relationship to God and in what Christ has done for us

These guidelines have been extracted from a report of the United Methodist Church in Norway, and have been used in various conversations at different councils of the URC and also URC Youth Events; see for instance the November 2011 Mission Council Paper H2.