Click on the links below to view (in a new tab) minutes from previous Youth Assemblies and the resolutions passed:

Youth Assembly 2018

  • Equality and Diversity Representative
  • Merchandise
  • WiFi Access
  • Greenbelt
  • Youth Assembly Age

Youth Assembly 2017

  • ‘Future of the Church’ Discussion
  • Provision of appropriate space for children’s and/or youth events to run alongside Synod Meetings
  • ‘Commitment to God’s Creation’
  • Removal of Christian Aid Collective / Commitment for Life intern as an ex-officio position on URC Youth Executive

Youth Assembly 2016

  • Summer Camps and Residential Events
  • 20s – 40s Task Group (Discussion Only)
  • Contacting local churches when moving to University / away from home

Youth Assembly 2015

  • URC Youth Restructuring (Discussion Only)
  • Time to Change Pledge
  • Commitment for Life reaffirmation

Youth Assembly 2014

  • Pastoral Care Coordinator
  • ‘Living with Differences’/Same Sex Marriage Conversation
  • Relationships Resources
  • Mental Health & Stigma

Youth Assembly 2013

  • Youth Assembly Age Limit
  • Change “FURY Prayer Circle” to “Fellowship Prayer”
  • Organisation Information Packs (incl. History)

Youth Assembly 2012

  • Young Minds
  • Welfare Officer Role
  • Provision for Over 26s
  • FURY¬†Executive Code of Conduct
  • Commitment for Life Advocate