Happy Easter!

Just a short blog this week to say Happy Easter on behalf of Sandy and I!

I hope your bank holiday weekend has been both relaxing and thought-provoking. As the weekend took us through Christ’s last meal, his death, and then the celebration of his resurrection.

What did you get up to in Holy Week? I did this:

That’s right! Throughout Holy Week I was waking up at 6am to prepare, and then hand out coffee, orange juice and hot cross buns to (mainly) commuters and passers-by until about 9am. The catch? NONE! That’s what many of the passers-by couldn’t understand!

“Can I take this coffee without having to come to church on Sunday, or ever?” or simply “Why?” were just some of the quotes we got throughout the week!

I was asking myself the same question by the 4th early morning wake-up!

But regardless, it was thoroughly enjoyable to simply spread the joy of Easter but also provided in the bags given out was a little reflection on the meaning of Easter. But we weren’t there to get people to come to church, but rather to let people know that we are a church passionate about community work and that we’re more than willing to ‘come to you’ rather than the typical ‘you come to us’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed binging on chocolate (or whatever else you gave up for lent!), or binging on nothing more than usual because you read Sandy’s last blog!

God bless,


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