Every little thing is gonna be alright

I suppose we should apologise for the quietness recently! The past 4 weeks have been very busy for the both of us and we haven’t been able to find the time to blog!

It’s now the beginning of May and so I suppose for many of you that means it’s time of the year to spend your time inside working whilst the beautiful weather outside taunts you, or some like to call it exam season. I’m not going to tell you to quit worrying, that would probably make you worry more…! What I would like to say is that however much you are worrying, God is worrying with you! The outcome of the exams is never the be all and end all. I can tell you from experience that just because something hasn’t gone the way you’ve expected/hoped for it to go, doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing. Perhaps it will nudge you in a different direction, or open your eyes to a new thing. Christian life isn’t always about being happy (as much as the secular world like to believe it). Being sad, nervous etc. is definitely part of life too, it’s okay!

Day to day life as Moderator-elect has been busy (hence the lack of blogs!). I’ve been to numerous meetings, including one about Greenbelt, which is set to be really great this year! Although the price hike deadline has passed, youth tickets (18-26) are still really cheap, £80! I would strongly encourage you to go if you can, it’s on the final bank holiday weekend in August (26th-29th). I also attended a Free to Believe conference with Natalie Gibbs from Youth Executive, where I listened to several keynote speakers around the title Cutting Edge Faith. It was also great to network with SCM (Student Christian Movement) and other URCers! Planning and preparation is ongoing for URC General Assembly and “What Do You Think?”, the pre-Assembly event for the Under-26 representatives, as well as several pieces of business on behalf of URC Youth Executive.

Back soon!

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