Easter – What’s Your Response?

Lent is over! Well done to those of you who have resisted temptation! Easter has also come and gone, Jesus has risen to life again!

Now that Easter is over, what happens next? As the Easter Sunday service ends, our hearts full of joy as we remember Christs triumph over death, we return back to normal the next day with the call of work, school or the general demands of life.


Life can have a tendency to force us to treat Christs’ resurrection as the climax to an Easter play – sometimes we walk away knowing we can watch the same show next year, leaving Him in the tomb until then hoping we can pull our act together and ‘do Lent properly’ next time round.

I’m not about to go off on another rant about Lent, I’ll refer you to my last blog on for that. What I am here to say today, dear reader, is that maybe we should respond to the Easter story a step further.

As a response to the love that God has for you and I, maybe we could do Easter justice this year and permanently give up what we gave up for Lent. We could equally take something up instead, especially if that’s what you chose to do for the forty days!

This might be a bit of an impossible challenge for some, if you gave up social media for Lent, then I wouldn’t suggest continuing. Preventing people from connecting with far afield friends is not something I want to advocate. Besides how would you keep up to date with the Mods blog? It might, however, be more appropriate to limit the amount of time we trawl through Facebook and Twitter and instead spend some more time with God, resting in His presence. He is our Root and Foundation and there’s no better time of year than Easter to acknowledge that as we explore ways in which we can grow in faith and get to know our loving God better.

For those who didn’t do anything for Lent (like me) don’t think you’re off the hook! You can still take something up or sacrifice something yourself. The great thing about Easter is it’s a new beginning, any time is a good time to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the root and foundation on all our being.

Before you begin to point the finger back at me and ask what I’m doing; recently I’ve actively been doing something about my distinct lack of fitness. Despite my stick thinness I am majorly unfit so I have decided to attend a gym called ‘Fit for The Kingdom”, I know, that’s such a good name! In an attempt to shift all that’s gone wrong with my physical health I’m exploring how I can be fit for The Kingdom, to respect the body God gave me. If I continue the way I have been, I realise I could be knocking some years off the end of my days, which I personally don’t think God has in mind for me!


What Will you do to improve your life and keep yourself ever ready for God’s service?

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