Synod Contact

Synods are our regional administrative groupings of churches. There are 13 Synods in the United Reformed Church, each with their own groups of local churches and people of contact.

If you’re unsure of what Synod you fall into, or would just like the contact details for your CYDO (Children’s & Youth Development Officer), this is the place to be.

And before you ask, no. The Synod number doesn’t rank which Synod is the best to the worse, they’re just there purely as a reference.

Below we’ve included the CYDO’s name and email address for your records. If you’d like to see a full list of information about all of the Synod’s, feel free to check out this link here, which takes you to the main URC website.


Synod Name CYDO Name CYDO Email
(1) Northern Mrs Hannah Middleton
(2) North Western Mr Leo Robers
(3) Mersey Mr Steven Mitchell
(4) Yorkshire Ms Stefanie Hoyle
(5) East Midlands Mrs Jane Henderson
(6) West Midlands The Revd Chris Burgham
(7) Eastern Mrs Nicola Grieves
(8) South Western Ms Jan Murphy
(9) Wessex Mr Phil Ray
(10) Thames North Vacant
(11) Southern Mr Tom Hackett
(12) Synod of Wales Mrs Judy Harris
(13) Synod of Scotland Vacant
*All information correct as of 25/09/2018