Children’s and Youth Work Committee!

What does a weekend in Northampton with some young people and a few more ‘not so young’ people result in? The URC Children’s and Youth Work Committee meeting of course!


Last weekend the committee met to chew through a long agenda, including  review of recent successes (did someone say #URCYA16?), the upcoming programs and preparation for the coming General Assembly in July.

“But Sandy, what is the Children’s and Youth Work Committee?” I hear you say. Great question good sir/madam!




The Children’s and Youth Work Committee (or C&YWC) is the group of people that meet to discuss and discern all aspects of this work (as the name suggests) within the URC. It is an Assembly level committee, answering to General Assembly and holds responsibility for a number of organisations within its remit, including Pilots.



The Mods were also given the opportunity to show the committee what a success URCYA16 was! The committee was so enthused we spent an hour discussing the success stories of the weekend, watching a video of Jenny Mills’ Communion Service and sharing a touching testimonial as well!

“But committees are boring!” I hear you say yet again.

You’re not entirely wrong, although it depends on your point of view and which committee. Naturally the URC Youth Assembly Moderators have an interest in Children’s and Youth Work so the journey to Northampton was not to end in disappointment, just lots of coffee and a healthy smattering of laughter! The weekend was productive and such was the Mods interest in the work of the committee that it was hard to keep us quiet at one point!

Joking aside the convener, Tim Meachin, sent the Mods a letter to thank us for our contributions to the weekend in moving us on in the business of the committee and the valuable viewpoints we brought.

We’re both looking forward to the next one!

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