Calling all Crafters

As some of you may remember, last year we asked craft groups all across the United Reformed Church to help by making knitted fruit and vegetables as a part of our contribution to the Greenbelt Arts Festival, held in August. The knitted fruit for our treasure hunt was so well received that we wanted to […]


As I stood on the platform at Berlin’s main station, waiting for my train to Lutherstadt-Wittenberg. It suddenly dawned on me that I was going on a pilgrimage of my own. Pilgrimages are almost always very personal, and reflect your relationship with God at that time. No one pilgrimage is the same, even to the […]


Well it’s certainly been a fun-packed weekend at Wessex Camp! I attended as a guest but also to help lead one of the ‘streams’ for the young people. There are 3 streams for 11-18s to pick. They follow one throughout the weekend and each one picks apart a different area of the theme ‘Re:claim’, mainly […]

Picture this…

Picture this… a woman in a hijab travelling on the tube, walking along Westminster Bridge, through Parliament Square today. What kind of looks do you think she’s getting? What kind of welcome will she receive when she walks into work, boards the tube, or crosses the square? The very fact that the picture at the […]

New Beginnings

I’m currently writing this blog from a new part of the country. I’ve recently been lucky enough to relocate to Cambridgeshire to take up my role as a Council For World Mission (CWM) Iintern, starting at the beginning of October. It’s cropped up in conversation a few times now, but it’s always difficult to describe what I will be getting […]


For those of you unaware, Greenbelt is a faith-based festival of performing arts, defined as being “when faith, arts and justice collide”. The atmosphere around the festival is second-to-none and really adds to the programme that Greenbelt and we, as the URC, offered, so part of the experience you really have to just ‘be there’ […]

Dear diary…

Part of the reason for the recent lack of blog activity is because I was waiting for the end of a string of events to report on them all in one blog! Partway through the string I realised that it goes on until about mid-October! So I’ve cut the string in half and am now […]