Pilots On Safari Roundup

On Saturday 16th May, 1500 people from all across the URC and beyond gathered at West Midlands Safari Park for an incredible time at Pilots on Safari. You can read more about the day over at assemblymoderators.urc.org.uk. Here are a few photos telling the story of my day, though!

Consensus Mindset

This last weekend saw a meeting of the URC Mission Council take place in Swanwick. All sorts of things were discussed from what it means to belong to our church, to the marriage of same sex couples in our churches. We spent time delving into Romans 12, and reflecting some more on what it means […]

Exam Stress

So, April is drawing to a close and that can only mean one thing: exam season must be nearly upon us. It might be GCSEs, A Levels, Highers, Undergraduate, Postgraduate… the list goes on. Whether you’re an early hard worker or a last minute crammer, completely focussed or a professional procrastinator, exam time can be hugely […]


I little while back, I went along to the Love Your Neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote conference – and blogged about why I came away with the conviction that -as Christians- it’s our obligation to engage with politics. I went so far as to say that: “To suggest that followers of Jesus should not engage with […]

Christ Is Risen

Happy Easter! This reflection was originally shared over at www.urc.org.uk. Love, hope, salvation. Having journeyed through Lent and Holy Week, I wonder what your Easter Sunday routine is? Maybe it starts with sharing Holy Communion at dawn? Or a special Easter breakfast? A big gathering with family and friends, perhaps? Or a joyful Easter service? […]

Pilots Big Day Out

Hopefully you’ve already booked on to the Pilots Big Day Out on May 16th! It promises to be a great day for all involved. We’re thinking about hosting a URC Youth get together on the Friday evening, staying over at a local URC, not as a really formal thing but just as a chance to spend […]

Visiting The National Synod Of Scotland

Synod of Scotland  This weekend I travelled up to stay in a castle, eat Haggis, drink irn-bru and hear bagpipes play… I wasn’t disappointed by my weekend visit to the National Synod of Scotland!  It was a lot of fun to share in leading the Young Adult Forum, which happened while the Synod meeting took place, alongside fellow […]


A couple of weekend’s ago the Joint Public Issues Team conference ‘Love Your Neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote’ took place in Coventry. Personal highlights included the keynote speech from the Archbishop of Canterbury (which you can both read and listen to in full) and the chance we had to meet together as young people who were there on […]

Love Your Neighbour

This weekend, I travelled up to Coventry to attend the Joint Public Issues Team’s conference ‘Love Your Neighbour: Think, Pray, Vote’. It was a great day with keynote speakers, workshops and time to get to know the other attendees – here are some of the highlights shared via Twitter! Why was I up at 5.50 this […]


  ‘Podcast?!’, we hear you say? We know, rather ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ in the world of modern technology. A couple of weeks back we paid a visit to the United Reformed Church House to meet all the brilliant people who support our church by working at URC HQ. Whilst we were there, we were interviewed by Eve Parker […]