Well hello there! This is a very familiar sight (and site, pardon the pun) to me, as I’ve uploaded many a blog onto the website under the alias of Andrew or Sandy on their behalf. However I’ve never written one, so here goes… I suppose I’d better introduce myself, I’m Dan Morrell. Many of you […]

Less than two weeks!

That’s right, in less than two weeks time Youth Assembly will be upon us. The Moderators, FURY Advisory Board and the Children’s and Youth Work Office are busy putting the finishing touches to the weekend, resolutions are coming in and there’s an all round buzz building up to one of the most As much as […]

March FAB Meeting

This weekend, FURY Advisory Board (FAB) met for the first of four meetings for the year to begin our work and to grow together as a group. There’s lots I could share, so I’m going to focus on our individual walks with God and our development as a group who work together in representing the […]

The Year Ahead

So Youth Assembly is concluded for another year! I don’t know about anyone else, but the weekend was something of a blur – a brilliant, fun, inspiring blur, but a blur all the same. I’m going to open by thanking all those who came, whether to participate in the Assembly or as a guest of […]

Structures and Guidelines

Following the Children’s and Youth Work department restructure, the URC Children’s and Youth Work Committee has taken this opportunity to review the FURY structures and guidelines. A working group, consulting at length with the Committee and FURY Advisory Board, has prepared the URC Youth Handbook which sets out in as much detail as possible proposed new […]

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas! The advent wait is over – the celebration can begin! As Christmas is celebrated throughout our church, and all over the world, we wanted to take this opportunity to say a massive Happy Christmas and to wish everyone every blessing for the new year. We’ll be back with more in January, when we’ll […]

A trip to Birmingham

Orange? No, purple. Orange? No – blue! Orange? Green… Orange? Yes! That’s orange. The little lad opposite me sat on the train to Birmingham early on a Saturday morning was on to a winning strategy in the ‘name the colours on the dinosaur jigsaw puzzle’ game with his mum and dad. Sadly, I didn’t have […]

September Update

We are in September 2014 already, and I have been Moderator for eight months out of my twelve month post, but what an eight months it has been. Since January I have attended, one Mission Council, two Children and Youth Work Committee meetings, two FURY Advisory Board meetings, two Children and Youth Work Committee Task […]

What Do You Think? and General Assembly 2014

This week you’ll be hearing a lot through our Facebook and Twitter pages about General Assembly and What Do You Think? so we thought we’d let you know what these events are, and why they matter to the young people of the URC. The URC Basis of Union states that the General Assembly, ‘shall embody the […]

Meet the FURY Moderators

The FURY Moderators are elected by the URC Youth Assembly to lead the FURY Advisory Board in its work and to provide a representative voice for the young people of the URC. In this blog post, we wanted to introduce ourselves a little bit, so here goes! Matt Barkley FURY Moderator I’m Matthew (AKA Matt) […]