A trip to Birmingham

Orange? No, purple.
Orange? No – blue!
Orange? Green…
Orange? Yes! That’s orange.

The little lad opposite me sat on the train to Birmingham early on a Saturday morning was on to a winning strategy in the ‘name the colours on the dinosaur jigsaw puzzle’ game with his mum and dad. Sadly, I didn’t have anything quite as entertaining to while away the time but that didn’t matter – I was looking forward to visiting a meeting of the Synod Youth Reps. Once we’d all arrived, there was all sorts on the agenda, from getting excited about Youth Assembly 2015 to hearing about some of what’s going on in the different synods.

I was struck, though, by a particular part of our worship together. As we all stood in a circle, the first person prayed and then, holding on to the end, threw a ball of wool to the next person – who prayed, held on to the strand and threw the rest of the ball to the next person – and so on. It was great to pray for one another, the church and more widely still, and as we said ‘amen’ we were left with a powerful image of our interconnected-ness through the complex web we had created.

It’s a visual reminder that has stayed with me since then.

Once I’d left the meeting, I took the chance to catch up with a friend who I met at my very first Youth Assembly. We gassed away for hours about how things were going, just catching up. The time flew. Having friends all over the place whom I’d never have met had it not been for being a young person in the URC is such a blessing in so many ways. We are, after all, so interconnected.

In a world where we are obsessed by our mobile phones and so called social media, the importance of community; real, authentic, heartfelt community in our church – especially local but also overflowing into regional and national church – is so important. It’s a subject which I could go on for hours – but for now, I’ll just leave you with that thought.

Please pray for all the Synod Youth Reps as they serve the church. There’s a photo here of me and those who were able to make it to the meeting a few weeks back!

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